Parents, teachers share concerns ahead of Davenport School Board meeting

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Ahead of a new school year, parents and teachers have concerns surrounding the Davenport school district.

Retired Davenport Schools teacher Barbara Frerichs spent ten years teaching at Monroe Elementary and 16 more at Garfield.

She says they were really good years spent teaching.

"I became a teacher because I had a really inspiring teacher," she reflects. "I also love summers."

In her time as an educator, she noted many changes, specifically those to funding for reading programs.

"We really fought for it but the cost was not something the district could afford," Frerichs remembers.

She believes the biggest problem now is that those serving on the school do not have a good grasp on what teachers in the classroom go through each day.

"There's a lot of people in charge that I don't think know subject matter as well as the teachers do," she explains.

Carrie Heiting, a middle school teacher in the Bettendorf school district feels there's a lack of support around the country for teaching.

"It seems to be okay locally but you know taking away union rights and possibly they want to take away our retirement," Heiting fears.

While she teaches at Bettendorf and her husband is a teacher in North Scott, their oldest daughter Anna attends school in Davenport.

"I don't have too many concerns for elementary, her school seems to be wonderful the staff is all great," she says.

What worries Heiting most is the safety at the middle and high school level.

"I'd like it to be a safer learning environment, especially upper grades," she admits. "I don't think it seems to be quite as safe."

Despite how they feel, both women are optimistic about the future and say they wouldn't trade their teaching passion for anything.

"It's just fun because it's a totally new thing that most of them have never ever done before," Heiting says.