Party in the Park to keep crime away

DAVENPORT, Iowa. (KWQC) - The city of Davenport is hoping to unite neighborhoods with fun activities and getting to know city officials.

While it was the first party in the park, there was a huge turnout - over one hundred people turned out in Cork Hill Park where they enjoyed free music, food, and got to know their neighbors.

3rd Ward Alderwoman Marion Meginnis said, "we really want people to see this for their neighborhoods to celebrate their neighborhoods, get to know their neighbors today, and get to know this city."

There were about a dozen booths from registering to vote, learning the history of your neighborhood, and meeting your first responders.

Andrew Harris, sergeant in NETS (neighborhoods energized to succeed) unit was there with other responders and said, "it sends a message to those that are here that 'hey we're here everyone is safe and come on and celebrate a safe summer.'"

By having this "party in the park," many are hoping it will keep kids busy and out of trouble.

"I think the more the kids are doing and the active they are, they'll stay on things that are positive" shared Michelle Morgan, Davenport resident.

Tim Ramirez who originally stopped to see the Crooked Cactus Band perform enjoyed the event, "You know, there's a lot of violence in the world so it'd be great if we can get way from that."

The city is hoping that by having free food and activities, it will help make the neighborhoods feel safer.

"Anything we can do to increase family fun and activities will in my mind help to improve the overall livability of the neighborhood" explained Lamar Buckelew, President of East Bluff Neighborhood Association.

"They're trying to build the community that we all be on one accord. Learning the different things that are going on in the community that the children can get some access to so they can go to and fro and stay out of trouble. Keep em busy" said Morgan.

This was the first of seven parties the city of davenport is hosting. Their next party in a park will be June 27th at Van Buren park.