Pediatric walk-in clinic in Rock Island says it will not turn away any patients

Rock Island, IL (KWQC) - School Health LINK has been around for about twenty years. But prior to last year, it was made up of two part-time clinics - one in Silvis and one in Rock Island. Now School Health LINK is a full-time pediatric walk-in clinic based in Rock Island. And they say they see anywhere from thirty to sixty kids a week. And that it's their policy not to turn any child away.
"We never turn anyone away for their inability to pay," says Shaylee Laursen, director of School Health LINK.
James Nelson says he currently has four foster children and he and his wife have adopted one child. And all of his children come to School Health LINK.
"Bring em in for colds, ear infections, strep through they usually get their flu shots here all the shots they need they get at school health link," Nelson told TV-6 News.
James Nelson says he's been bringing his children here for seven years.
"The first child we go, foster child, was enrolled in School Health link and we just continued to bring him there," says Nelson.
He says it's easier than getting his children enrolled as a new patient elsewhere. "It's just more convenient here because you can call and get an appointment that's not six weeks out. You get the kids in here and not take them to expensive emergency or urgent care," says Nelson.
Shaylee Laursen says they accommodate patients whether they have insurance our not. And if they are uninsured, the walk-in clinic uses a sliding scale. "Our highest fee would be 60 dollars and our lowest is 30 dollars and that just depends on family size and income," says Lauresen.
School Health Link says it also offers mental health visits.
And they treat kids with ADHD, anxiety, and depression.