People near Rock River prepare for upcoming historic flooding

EAST MOLINE, III (KWQC) -- With near historic river levels expected at the Rock River this coming weekend, even some of those experienced with flooding are a bit shaken.

It’s become a routine for John Vize to pick up his newspaper left on his truck and then head home. The drive isn't long, but his neighbors’ homes like his are already surrounded by water. Vize has lived on River Road in East Moline for 30 years and he's dealt with flooding since then.

“Well it's frustrating, but we love the river and it pays off about ten months out of the year when you see the eagles, the boats, and the wildlife,” said Vize.

Right now the Rock River sits at 13.97 feet. Which is already over flood stage but it's expected the river will continue to rise.

“It's a pain to have to deal with but as far as being nervous. I think I’ve taken all the precaution necessary,” said Vize.

Vize uses his amphibious vehicle to get around and most of the things at his home is elevated but he knows it could get worse.

“We are elevated but it is possible that if we keep breaking these records it could get in our living area,” said Vize.

As he waits to see how things pan out on Sunday, he knows it's not the end.

“There's always a way out if have to,” said Vize.

The Rock River is expected to hit 16.3 feet on Sunday in the Quad Cities. The record for the rock is 16.5.