Physical therapists say they're treating more and more patients with "text neck"

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(NBC News) - Being in front of a screen all day can be a pain, and it can also cause pain, literally.

Physical therapist Molly Capella is seeing more and more patients with injuries related to electronics.

"Text neck" is a common issue, strain caused by looking down at devices.

"We're seeing it more often, all different ages," she says.

Tweaking bad habits, like lifting your phone to eye level, can help prevent problems. If you always use the same hand or finger to type, try to train yourself to use both ands and alternating fingers.

Another warning: Prolonged sitting, coupled with bad posture, is the perfect storm for pain.

"We were just not built to sit for more than an hour at a time," Capella explains.

Keep your feet flat on the floor when sitting, and remember to stand up frequently.

Finally, if you're already in pain, putting off treatment could be a bad idea.

Hand injuries can lead to problems up the neck and vice versa.

"Our bodies are like this pulley system, so as soon as you compromise one section of the pulley everything else is going to get thrown off," Capella says.

Physical therapists can suggest a program of exercises and stretches to help reverse the impact of electronics overuse.