Plastic water bottle left in hot vehicle can start fire

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – As the Quad Cities Area prepares for a heat wave, some first responders are warning of the fire risk associated with leaving a water bottle inside a hot vehicle.

A plastic bottle filled with water can magnify the intensity of direct sunlight, according to firefighter Jay Symonds of Manlius, New York.

Symonds told WSTM-TV under the right conditions a water bottle in direct sunlight can catch upholstery or plastic on fire.

CBS News reports a plastic water bottle left in a hot vehicle in Idaho in 2017 caused the vehicle’s seat to begin burning.

While a water bottle sparking a fire may be unlikely, some fire departments across the country in recent years have warned the public of the potential risk.

A Davenport Fire Department spokesperson agrees circumstances have to be just right, but it is worth avoiding the possibility.

Davenport Fire recently posted on its Facebook page pet owners should use plastic or metal water bowls on their decks instead of glass bowls to avoid the same threat water bottles can pose in vehicles.

The heat index in the Quad Cities Area is forecast to be as high as 110 °F Thursday through Saturday.