Police: Davenport man faces multiple charges after attempting to break into home

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - A Davenport man is being charged with multiple charges including Burglary after police say he tried breaking into the same home and stole a vehicle from the home.

Police say on October 30, 24-year-old Jordan Stovall, of Davenport, was in the 1700 block of East 32nd Street. According to police Stovall went up to the victim's vehicle and he can be seen on the victim's surveillance video circling around the vehicle. Police say he then hit the victim's vehicle window with a landscape rock. The vehicle had approximately $500 worth of damage due to this incident. Police say Stovall was charged with 3rd-Degree Criminal Defense due to this.

On November 30, police say Stovall went to the same home and the charges of 3rd-Degree Burglary (Motor Vehicle) stemmed from this date. On December 30, police say Stovall is again seen on surveillance video returning to the victim's vehicle. Stovall is seen rummaging through the car before he leaves according to police. The victim said nothing was missing from his vehicle.

On December 4, police say the charges of 3rd-Degree Burglary stemmed from the following incident. Police say on December 3, Stovall approached the victim's home and began looking into the windows. Police say Stovall did not make entry into the home on Dec. 3, due to the victim being home. Police say Stovall returned the following day and was able to enter the home and steal $100 worth of merchandise due to the door being unlocked.

On December 20, police say Stovall tried to access the home again. Police say Stovall was seen looking up at the camera placed in the front main window of the home and then left the home. On December 21, police say he returned again and attempted to get into the home but the door was locked.

Stovall is out of custody at this time and is being charged with 3rd-Degree Attempted Burglary, 3rd-Degree Burglary of Motor Vehicle and 3rd-Degree Criminal Mischief, all misdemeanors. He is also charged with a felony count of 3rd-Degree Burglary and then a charge of Criminal Trespassing.