Police Dogs Ignore Pot

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(KUSA) — Police dogs in Rifle, Colorado are being trained to ignore marijuana in order to sniff out other drugs.

Departments all over the state will soon be taking part in this program and the older dogs, trained to track pot, will soon be phased out.

Rifle Police Officer, Garrett Duncan, spent the last 10 years working alongside their top drug-sniffing dog, Tulo. Officer Duncan says Tulo is so good he even has his own publicity pictures.

Of course, as they say, you can't teach an old dog new tricks and it seems Tulo can not be retrained to ignore marijuana.

Now Jax and Makai will have their moment. These young, and very cute, puppies can sniff out drugs without getting excited over the smell of pot.

"We're just not going to train them with marijuana so they won't know the odor, they won't have any reason to indicate or tell us there is marijuana around cause they won't know," said Officer Garrett Duncan.

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