Police: Officer taken to hospital after being attacked by man in Savanna

Published: Oct. 14, 2019 at 10:33 AM CDT
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An officer was taken to the hospital over the weekend in Savanna, Illinois after being attacked by a man who police say was aiding a fugitive.

Police say on Saturday, Oct. 12, police saw a wanted suspect who was entering a home in Savanna. This happened shortly after 9 p.m.

Officers say 40-year-old Nathan Green, of Savanna, entered the home and after officers were able to confirm that a warrant was still valid for Green, officers tried to make contact with him.

Officials say a man inside the home, 21-year-old Michael J. Denson, of Savanna, made several attempts to block the door from police entering. Additionally, police say Denson was threatening officers with a dog that was inside the home.

When entry was made into the home officials with the Savanna Police Department said the dog was allowed to charge the officers. In order to prevent being attacked by the dog, officials say an officer shot his gun and hit the dog causing non-life threatening injuries to the dog.

After this police say Denson charged an officer which caused injuries, requiring the officer to be removed from the scene by an ambulance.

Following the attack of the officer, officials say another officer deployed their taser towards Denson in order to stop the attack and take Denson into custody.

Green was also then taken into custody on his outstanding warrant.

Denson is being charged with concealing or aiding a fugitive, aggravated battery to a peace officer and resisting or obstructing a peace officer. Additional charges are pending for Green, Denson and a third person was inside the residence.

The officer was treated at a hospital and then released.