Police audio provides insight into East Moline officer-involved shooting

Published: May. 26, 2019 at 11:21 PM CDT
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Police audio during an officer-involved shooting in East Moline is providing insight into how the incident played out.

It only lasted a couple minutes, but has since launched an investigation by the Rock Island County Integrity Task Force.

The shooting rattled the neighborhood just before 8:00 Saturday night. According to police, a suspect got out of a car during a traffic stop and fired at police. Officers then fired back, hitting the suspect as he took off.

Some of those bullets hit homes in the area of 7th St. and Avenue of the Cities.

The incident was a life or death situation for police.

"shots fired shots fired,” an officer said into their radio.

Police said as officers attempt a traffic stop, the passenger shoots at them.

“shots fired. He's running southbound,” an officer said into their radio.

Around 20 seconds later, a foot pursuit begins.

“He's behind the houses, going eastbound. Male white, blue jeans, black t-shirt, red sleeves underneath. I got the gun over here. I'm with the driver, I got her at gun point. 10-4. He dropped the weapon. I got the gun right here, I got the gun”

Only about a minute later the suspect is stopped.

“10-4. They have him down and tasers deployed. 10-4. Tasers deployed.”

While all of this is playing out, neighbors are wondering what is happening on their street as they look out to witness it.

"I was at home doing laundry. Minding my own business and stuff like that. When I heard like a gun shot. And I thought it was like a firecracker for a minute. And then I zoom in and I’m like oh man. I see a car stopped. And like four policemen like in the streets,” Tre Berkley, who witnessed the incident, said.

A quiet evening for the neighborhood quickly changes into an active crime scene.

"I was like he's about to run and then when he came out he cross the street from over there by the neighbors and then they popped him like three, four times,” Berkley said.

Minutes later the suspect is in custody.

“Does Moline need to send any additional units? I think we're secure at this point. 10-4. And the gunshot wound on the victim? Gunshot wound on the victim. Looks like it's through his right chest cavity,” is relayed in the police audio.

The East Moline Police Chief said neither officer was hurt during the shooting.

Police said this is a good reminder of how quickly a traffic stop can change. Last year they conducted 2,000 traffic stops without an incident like this.