Police in Davenport respond to call for gunshot victim early Thursday


The victim, a 22-year-old male from Davenport, was transported to a local hospital at 3:07 A.M. with non-life threatening injuries.

Davenport police department reports that an assault occurred inside the home that escalated to shots being fired.

Davenport police officers were inspecting both inside, and outside, of the home early Thursday morning. By about 6:15 A.M.officers had finished their on-scene investigation and left the area but the incident itself is still being investigated.

If we learn more, we will have updates both, here, and on-air.

Several police squad cars could be seen along the 800-block of Pershing Avenue early Thursday morning, just after 3 a.m. The department said there was a call at 2:50 for a gunshot victim.

No ambulance could be seen when TV6 crews arrived but police say the victim was taken to Genesis East just after 3 a.m.

Officers on the scene were walking in and out of a home on Pershing, with flashlights shining.

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