Polling places prepare for possible spreads of the coronavirus and the flu

Published: Mar. 3, 2020 at 5:35 PM CST
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March 3rd is "Super Tuesday," where millions of people across 14 states are voting in presidential primary elections. Many polling locations are taking extra precautions because of the coronavirus.

With so many people going out to vote, voting centers are looking at what they can do to make sure it's a healthy and clean environment. Illinois residents will vote two weeks from Super Tuesday, on March 17th.

The Rock Island County Deputy Clerk Nick Camlin asks you to follow the CDC and your doctor. He also recommends staying home if you feel sick. He says he hasn't heard many concerns at this point, so he's not planning on taking any extra precautions.

Other counties like Warren County though, have already stocked up on cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer. County Clerk and Recorder Tina Conard said she "isn't worried" because she thinks voters will be safe on their own.

In California though, those in charge aren't as calm as they are here. They have at least 10 confirmed cases of Coronavirus

"We have lost a few people that were hired to be election clerks at our vote centers that were just a little bit nervous about being around the public, which is their right. And it's unfortunate that we lost them," explained Janna Haynes who works for the Sacramento County Voter Registration & Elections. Similarly, in Texas' Travis County, multiple election judges and poll workers didn't show up for the primary elections. The office says fears of coronavirus may have kept them from showing up.

Most early voting will take place through an electronic screen. While county clerks say the screens will be cleaned regularly, it may be a good idea to bring hand sanitizer.

If you want to vote but aren't sure about leaving your house, you can always cast a mail ballot.

In that case, you'll need to submit an application by the end of next week. You can find more information