Pork Chop Hill keeps golf spectators fed for over a decade

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SILVIS, Ill. (KWQC) - Every John Deere Classic comes along with great food and fun off the course. One of the fan favorites: porkchops.

Nestled next to the course's signature hole, Pork Chill Hill at TPC Deere Run has made quite the impact for many years. Geoff Boyce has flipped and grilled tender pork chops for 11 of them. He says Pork Chop Hill is in the perfect spot for tournament action.

"We always have a good time when we're here. We cook a lot of chops."

A lot is an understatement. Boyce says it's an all-day affair to cook these pork chops.

"On an average day, we'll cook 6 to 7 thousand. Over the course of the week, we will cook around 50,000."

But his fans seem to appreciate the effort.

"Fried pork chop cutlet, quite tasty," laughed one spectator.

"Actually it's pretty good, first time I've ever had it, we've been coming down here for 3 years, it's pretty tasty," said another.

It's a JDC tradition Boyce says he's proud to be a part of.

"We put out the best product we can so people will keep coming back and enjoying it."

He says he'll keep coming back until he can't stand the heat any longer.

"Whoever said never let them see you sweat wasn't standing behind one of these," Boyce said, gesturing to his grill.

Tournament Director Clair Peterson said the concessions at the course make more than $200,000 every year of the tournament and the pork chops are a big part of that.