Power outages in icy weather

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois (KWQC) - The icy weather has energy companies prepping, but officials say you can help reduce the power outages.

"The risks that we believe will be the slippery roads and of course the ice accumulation on the tree limbs," said MidAmerican's Mike Galliart.

The lack of wind has MidAmerican officials more worried about drivers causing power outages versus ice on power lines.

"Depending on the amount of ice accumulation that we do have, our biggest risk is usually with the wind," he added. "If I could encourage anybody to stay home so that they're not out driving, that reduces risk for not only their safety but the possibility of a hit pole as well."

The less amount of drivers, the safer it is for workers to get to down power lines.

"We encourage our workers to stay as safe as they can. Utilize your ice cleats, utilize the equipment that's out there. Be cautious with your footing and driving as well," Galliart said. He also said they're just glad it shouldn't last too long.

"It's just a good idea to stay home until this event is over, it seems like it's going to be short lived."

Galliart also reminds us to call MidAmerican as soon as anyone sees a down power line - don't ever approach it.