President Trump to campaign to Jewish supporters in Las Vegas

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WASHINGTON (GrayDC) President Trump will be speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition conference this Saturday in Las Vegas. The Coalition says they expect the largest attendance at the conference ever this year.

“Simply, he’s the most pro-Israel President we’ve ever had,” said Neil Strauss, the National Spokesman for the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Since he's been in office, President Trump’s policies include moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, a strip of land acquired from Syria in 1967 during war. Strauss said conference goers are pumped to welcome President Donald Trump on Saturday.

“He’s been great on foreign policy, he’s been great on Israel, we think he’s just been great all around, so it’s really important to start working right now towards re-electing him in 2020,” said Strauss.

Strauss said he’s also anticipating Trump will look to the future—aiming at policies to keep Israel safe from international enemies.

“Combating Iran, making sure Iran never gets a nuclear weapon,” Strauss said.

Marc Lotter, a campaign spokesman for Trump Pence 2020, said a speech like this could have a big impact on Trump’s 2020 campaign. He said the President will be encouraging Jewish supporters to spread his pro-Israel policy achievements back in their synagogues.

“Talk to them about why President Trump is not only making our country stronger, safer and more prosperous but how he’s standing with Israel as our best ally in the Middle East,” said Lotter.

Executive Director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America Halie Soifer who strongly believes the President’s speech polticizes the US-Israel relationship. Soifer said Israel should remain a bipartisan issue. She disagrees that President Trump is the strongest pro-Israel President.

The President’s trip out west also included a visit to the border.

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