Protest held in the Quad Cities following death of George Floyd

Published: May. 30, 2020 at 11:39 PM CDT
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More than 500 people gathered Saturday evening at LeClaire Park in downtown Davenport for the George Floyd awareness protest. One of the event's organizers said they're standing in solidarity with those in Minnesota.

"We stand with Minnesota. We believe that all four officers should be arrested. Not just one, all four, and we stand with them and that is where we stand clearly 100%," Tabitha said.

Tabitha said the goal was to have a peaceful protest and that this was something that meant a lot to them.

“We are trying to remain peaceful so I mean we know everybody's angry right now and we want to be able to have them, like you see behind me going on, trying to have them have a voice to be heard,” Tabitha said, “We’re also standing on Black Lives Matter. That is what it’s about today. Black lives will matter forever and ever just like everybody else’s life matters,” she said.

Among the diverse crowd, many people held signs, -“Silence is violence” on one and “I can’t breathe” on another. The crowd gathered and walked down N. Ripley Street along the sidewalks. Their first stop was at the Scott County Courthouse. There, they waited until all the participants got there and some organizers addressed the crowd.

Towards the end, rocks were thrown at the windows of the courthouse. The people involved with the protest quickly dispersed and threw their hands in the air. Organizers said whoever did it was not part of the group.

Protesters, Iesha and Alisha, said they were disappointed that this happened.

“It's unfortunate that it was cut short. We are getting punished, again, for the small few and so it's hard to judge an overall experience when it wasn't finished it's not finished," Iesha said.

Despite that, the protest continued and eventually made its way across the bridge to Illinois. Attendees of the protest said they want to continue to see change.

"I want to see more people stand up. I want to see more and more of a turnout. This isn't just about us, it's about everyone and until everyone stands up nothing’s going to change,” Alisha said.

"If we could all just be heard and heard correctly then it'll be great," Tabitha said.

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