Public gives feedback on Iowa's Medicaid program

Published: Aug. 29, 2017 at 10:53 PM CDT
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The Iowa Department of Human Services held a public meeting today to get feedback on Iowa Medicaid's managed care program.

Iowa Medicaid transitioned into managed care on April 1st of last year.

Several people showed up to learn about the program and voice their concerns. Many of the concerns were specific to certain patients, such as a man who said he could not get an interpreter for his son.

One woman said she was unable to get equipment approved for a disabled student.

"His request for a positioning stroller has been denied three times," she said.

Another woman said she was satisfied with the transition.

"Our transition to MCO has been delightful," she said.

Matt Highland is the Communications Specialist with Iowa Medicaid. He said they have been working on correcting problems and seem to be making progress.

"I think early on there were some comments that we would hear come up over and over again and we worked through those issues and now we're really seeing it come down to specific issues, one on one tricky claims or billing processes that just need to be worked through," said Highland.

After the meeting, representatives from the Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) met with people individually. Representatives thanked all those who attended for the feedback they provided.

"Keep communicating and keep coming to meetings like this, so that we can work together," said Jeremy Morgan with AmeriHealth Caritas Iowa, Inc.

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