Teen charged in puppy mutilation

Published: Jul. 26, 2017 at 5:35 PM CDT
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The Kewanee Police Department has charged a 17-year-old with aggravated animal cruelty. According to police, the juvenile confessed to inflicting the injuries to the puppy.

The 8-week-old puppy was found mutilated in front of a housing complex Tuesday night. Authorities received a call late Tuesday night that the dog was lying in front of Lakeland Terrace Housing Project. Upon arrival, officials found the dog with four lacerations to his throat and a cut on his back. Veterinarian, Dr. Chris Ryan said it does not appear to be an accident.

"We don't typically see wounds like that from accidents and it kind of looks like it's on purpose," Ryan said. "It seems like he's doing just fine and I think he'll make a full recovery but it's just could have been a lot worse."

Employees at the Henry County Humane Society said they fear for the mother of this puppy and the rest of the litter. Adoption Coordinator, Teri Warner said this incident is part of a larger issue.

"We have a big problem in town with people just dumping stray animals," Warner said. "Our city pound is full, the shelter is full there's just a lot of people that just let their family pets out and they don't claim them and don't provide food, water and shelter in 100 degree heat."

The Humane Society has named the dog "Thor" which means strength. According to Ryan, Thor is expected to make a full recovery. Warner said adoption applications can be found on PetFinder.com