Puppy rescued from Puerto Rico with help of TV6 now calls the QC home

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Rescued from Puerto Rico, a mixed-breed four-month-old puppy is making her home in the Quad Cities.

"She is a little spoiled, but she deserves it,” Dr. Jessica Johnstone with Balanced Chiropractic in downtown Davenport said. “She had a really rough start at life and I want to make every day the best."

Johnstone adopted one of the four puppies, Javy Isabel, that was brought back from Puerto Rico in October. Javy Isabel was rescued from the island when TV6 weekend anchor and reporter Chris Carter traveled with American Pickers star Danielle Colby and her boyfriend, Jeremy, to the island to document Danielle and Jeremy’s work helping the island recover from Hurricane Maria in a series of special reports, Rebuilding Puerto Rico: A QCA Connection.

Javy and her siblings had been left for dead at the office of a veterinarian, Dr. Gwen Davis. Dr. Davis with the help of an organization, Barks of Hope, cared for the puppies for several weeks. Colby decided she needed to bring the puppies back to the states for adoption, but was unsure where she would foster them. After a few phone calls, Carter was able to find all four puppies fosters with the the Jasper County Animal Rescue League in Newton, Iowa. That is where Javy’s story of adoption began.

"I picked her up,” Johnstone said. “She had her paws around me and she rested her head on my shoulder and sighed. I knew then I was getting a puppy."

That moment occurred when Johnstone puppy sat Javy and her sister while Carter took two of the other puppies on Paula Sands Live after returning from Puerto Rico. Since then, Javy has made a name for herself as therapy dog in Johnstone’s office.

"She is a pretty chill dog overall though,” Johnstone said. “She will lay down in her bed by my desk and she'll get up and greet people as they come in."

The patients in Johnstone’s office walk in excited to see Javy. Johnstone said Javy has brightend the office’s mood and brings a smile to the face of her patients.

"They have all helped me train her how to sit and stay,” Javy’s adopter said. “She is very lovey. She has been so helpful with all the patients."

Javy isn’t the lone dog in her household. Johnstone has rescued two other dogs.

“I forgot how much work puppies were,” she said. “I have two rescues at home, 10 and 12, and they came pretty well trained."

All four of the puppies rescued with the help of Carter, Colby and her boyfriend have been adopted. Javy Isabel is the only puppy that came back to the Quad Cities