QC COVID-19 Coalition stresses staying home despite differing state orders

(PGA Tour / YouTube)

The Quad Cities COVID-19 Coalition is stressing the importance of staying at home, regardless of what border state governors are ordering.

"Perhaps talking about whether one state has a shelter in place and the other doesn't is missing the point. We've been saying it all long. Stay at home. Essential trips only. Social distancing," Ed Rivers, Director of the Scott County Health Department says. "It's ultimately a personal responsibility. If Illinois has a shelter in place order and we're getting Illinoisans coming and playing golf in Iowa, they're not exercising their personal responsibility that we've been encouraging all along. That's whats going to keep you safe. Stay home. Essential trips only. Social distancing"

Nita Ludwig, Public Health Administrator for Rock Island County, goes on to highlight that Iowa and Illinois having different policies is not anything new to Scott and Rock Island County. To stay safe, Ludwig goes on to say, staying home and only leaving for essentials are how one stays healthy regardless of governor decree.

Both health departments reiterate that staying home, washing your hands, and limiting travel are the best defenses against the spread of COVID-19.