QCA Special Kneads Bakery family featured on national TV

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GALVA, Ill. (KWQC) - TV6 shared the story of a mom who opened a Galva bakery to employ her son with cerebral palsy.

A mom opened a bakery in Galva to employ her son with cerebral palsy. On Wednesday, they were featured on a national TV show!

The story quickly went viral and got national attention.

Good Morning America’s TV show Strahan Sara and Keke invited Special Kneads Bakery owner Margaret Cortes and her son Frankie Cortes on the show in New York.

Margaret and Frankie toured around Times Square and were featured on the show on Wednesday.

TV6 talked to Margaret on the phone on her way back from the trip.

“It's amazing. I never thought it would go this far,” Margaret said. “There is just a world full of people out there that needed to hear the story. It brings you back and makes you warm and fuzzy and that is what we need in this world.”

And remember that golf cart Frankie was saving for?

The hosts surprised Frankie by driving a golf cart inside their studio.

It will be customized to fit Frankie’s needs so he can drive to work and maybe make bakery deliveries.

“It was shocking because neither one of us expected it,” Margaret said. “My first thought was how are we going to get that home? Other than that it was just pure joy. It’s better than anything we could’ve bought. It’s going to be brand new and fitted for him.”

You can watch Margaret and Frankie’s appearance on the Strahan Sara and Keke Facebook post below.