QCA pizza delivery driver warns others to have proper insurance

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Clinton, Iowa (KWQC) - A part-time pizza delivery driver in Clinton said she was not informed she needed additional car insurance coverage for work.

Linda Reader said she might have to pay $6,000 worth of damage to her car after it was stolen when she was delivering pizzas in Clinton on Sunday. (KWQC)

Now Linda Reader said she might have to pay for the damage out of her own pocket.

The additional coverage Reader wants people to be aware about is called commercial auto insurance.

Insurance companies say it is needed on top of regular car insurance because the driver is putting extra miles on their personal car when they use it for business. Insurance companies may charge extra for it.

Reader said she wishes she knew about commercial auto insurance before her car was stolen and damaged.

She said she was delivering pizza to the Nottingham apartments in Clinton on Sunday afternoon when her car was stolen.

“I am responsible for leaving the key in my car. I get that. But I am not responsible for what happened to me,” she said.

Reader said a lot of people who deliver pizzas don’t shut their vehicles off.

When her boyfriend found the car it had over $6,000 worth of damage.

“I called my insurance company immediately,” she said. “They put in a claim but they also warned me that due to delivering pizzas on my spare time trying to make a few dollars I needed to have a commercial insurance policy. So now this $6,000 damage may be on me.”

Reader said she was never told by Domino’s that she needed additional coverage on top of her own personal car insurance, which she would normally be covered by off the clock.

“Who would think it when you have full coverage insurance? Why would you think you need more?”

Reader worked delivering pizzas as a side job to make a little extra cash like a lot of delivery drivers do.

Now it might end up costing her thousands of dollars because she didn’t know anything about commercial auto insurance.

“If I was informed by Domino’s that I needed a higher policy I would’ve checked into it and seen if it would’ve been worth my while,” Reader said.

She said she would’ve had to weigh out whether paying additional car insurance was worth her making a few extra bucks.

After her experience, she is advising delivery drivers to ask their employers about commercial auto insurance and whether or not they need it.

She said some businesses provide commercial auto insurance to their employees.

TV6 reached out to Domino’s for comment and this is their statement:

"The store is owned and operated by an independent franchisee, not by the corporation. We have no information on what is or is not in that individual’s employee handbook, as those are the responsibility of independent business owners. We will share this information with the franchisee as quickly as possible."