QCA prepares for winter storm

DAVENPORT, Iowa. (KWQC) - With the winter weather we're expecting, snowplows are standing by to go out and clear the roads. Davenport Public Works is preparing for a wide array of winter weather ranging from rain, frozen rain, sleet, and snow. With over 40 plows expected to go on the streets on Friday night.

(Photo: Pixaby / License Link) (MGN)

"It's been pretty light so far compared to last year. Last year we had that large event right after Thanksgiving. This year, we didn't really have that so this is really our first significant event of the season," said Nicole Gleason, Davenport Public Works Director.

This first event is making it difficult for Public Works: "we can't spread the salt with rain obviously, so it makes the timing a little bit more difficult. And then depending on how quickly that ice freezes to the road, changes how quickly we're able to respond because the best case it goes straight from rain to snow and we can get the roads cleared."

Emergency snow routes will be in place starting Friday night at 10 P.M. While it may be a nuisance for residents, it will help in the long run. Gleason explains the snow routes that prohibit street parking allows for first responders to get to residents as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Gleason wants everyone to remember, "please please be careful... when the ice comes in if you can stay home, stay home."

She also asks everyone to be patient. Gleason said Davenport is 66 square miles, so the 42 snow plows may take 24-48 hours to reach every residential area once the snow stops.

Many other cities in and around the Quad Cities have announced snow emergencies, you can find that list here.