Quad Cities Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard weekend kicks off

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QUAD CITIES (KWQC) – Be a Tourist in Your Own Backyard is back. And this year there is a new twist.

“We are introducing our new VIV wristband which is Very Important Visitor,” said spokesperson of the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau Jessica Waytenick.

It means year-round deals for people who participate in this weekend’s events.

“So people as they’re out and about on Be a Tourist weekend and they’re using their specials and their coupons can pick up a VIV wristband to use throughout 2018 to have deals and specials that they can take advantage of,” Waytenick said. “A majority of our business that are involved with be a tourist weekend are continuing their specials throughout the year, and some may stay the same and others may change.”

She says the latest information will be on the VIV website.

The new promotion, she says, is a way to continue to peak interest in our local tourism and attractions.

“You know we all have other things that we have to do, but really to take a step back and have a weekend getaway in the Quad Cities and enjoy it as our visitors do I think really increase our Quad Cities Pride in what we have here,” Waytenick said.

Local business owners say the 17-year tradition comes at a great time.

“It really does a lot for a business in a slow time,” said Martha O’Brien, manager at Wide River Winery.

She says post-holidays can be a tough time but Be a Tourist weekend changes some of that.

“ It's after the holidays and it's a nice way to bring people in,” she said.

The businesses’ Davenport location is still relatively new. And O’Brien says promotions like this help flame someone's interest, like a customer she had on Friday afternoon who stopped in for the first time.

“She had been to our LeClaire store before but never to this one,” she said. “She knew she liked the wine but she did a tasting got you know a free glass and she bought six bottles of wine, so it's great.”

Be a Tourist in Your Own Back Yard runs Friday through Monday, Jan. 15.