Quad City Arts hosts 3rd annual Chalk Art Fest

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BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) - Quad City Arts hosted its 3rd annual Chalk Art Fest early Sunday morning.

This year it was in the heart of downtown Bettendorf, usually it's in downtown Davenport. Artists from the QCA came to show off their skills and meet other artists who share the same interests, with activities surrounding their canvases like bouncy houses, music, and food. One local artist says it's a good way to get children out and about.

“Just encouraging kids to do more of it,” said local artist, Sandy Shuck. “Yeah you might see pieces like this but it encourages kids to come out and get outside, get some fresh air, and get away from video games. That's what I think - get away from technology.”

Shuck landed second place in last year's competition, but she says it isn't about winning - she simply enjoys expressing herself through art.