RICO officials: Pub and grill owner charged after operating despite closure order

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ROCK ISLAND Co., Ill. (KWQC) - A pub and grill owner in HIllsdale, Illinois is being charged after the Rock Island County State's Attorney's office says he was operating his business despite the closure order.

Officials say Stanley R. Farrow Jr., owner of the Country Pub and Grill in Hillsdale, was operating his business despite the Illinois Department of Public Health's closure order. The pub and grill was formerly known as Jammerz.

On March 27, officials with the Rock Island County Sheriff's Department responded to a car accident involving a driver who was under the influence. Officials say that accident led them to inspect the Country Pub and Grill.

Upon arrival, deputies found several cars in the parking lot and upon entry, officials say multiple people inside the business were attempting to hide underneath tables.

According to officials, Farrow Jr. was found inside the business and was informed he was in violation of the local closure order that required him to cease any on-site beverage consumption or sales.

Deputies left the business and then later responded to another driver who was under the influence. Officials say this person was identified as one of the individuals inside the Country Pub and Grill.

"After carefully reviewing the information and circumstances surrounding this incident, the State's Attorney's Office decided to pursue criminal charges against the defendant for violating the Illinois Department of Public Health Closure Order and Reckless Conduct, both class A misdemeanors," officials announced in a release on Friday.

"These are unique and unprecedented times," officials said. "We want our residents to know that public health is something we take very seriously and blatant acts of disregard for our current local and state-wide orders that are in place to protect us will not be tolerated."

Officials also said they commend and support the local restaurants and businesses that have adhered to these orders despite the financial difficulties.