Rain Check!

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Quad Cities (KWQC) - Well, if you have a direct line to Mother Nature you could let her know we could use a little rain. That’s no secret to just about ANYONE in our part of the Midwest. We keep getting missed by the more persistent rains, and it looks like that will be a trend for a while! Now, the sub-surface moisture is still doing alright, but the dry topsoil has led to a lot of crunchy, brown lawns and crops searching the skies for rain clouds. So, here is the latest as of Wednesday the 7th of August. So far this month we’ve only gotten about a third of an inch of rain in the Quad Cities versus an average of nearly an inch. And, if you go back to July 1st, we’ve only gotten less than an inch and a half of rain when we should have gotten about 5 and a quarter inches. Hello? Mother Nature??? This is an URGENT call!!!