Rare Find

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SCOTT COUNTY, Iowa (KWQC) — Take a step back. Mid 1960’s. A father and son digging a post hole for a fence on their Scott County farm. Dale Scherer says what he and his dad discovered was a Native American axe head.

The fifth generation farm in rural Davenport turned out to be a treasure trove of artifacts discovered over the years. Knife blades, spear points, axe heads and more.

The property was a Native American camp site for thousands of years. Some of the items are rare. The state archaeologist in Iowa recently visited the farm, confirming their authenticity.

Dale’s sister, Carol Newkirk, says for years the family placed hunting tips and arrowheads in a cigar box with other discoveries. When they finally contacted the state, the Scherer family learned they have something special and very rare.

The property is now a confirmed archaeological site. It’s called the “Scherer Site.” Home to thousands of years of Native American history. Down on the farm.