Red Cross getting volunteers and supplies in place for Hurricane Florence

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We reached out to our local Red Cross contact to see what kind of preparations are taking place before Hurricane Florence arrives. Trish Burnett tells KWQC they are pre-positioning volunteers and supplies from South Carolina to Virginia with the anticipation of a large-scale response to include sheltering, feeding and health services.
The Red Cross is working closely with emergency management personnel and other disaster partners as we prepare for Florence and other storms that are approaching parts of the US. Following the landfall, there is a significant threat of prolonged flooding across a wide swath of the east coast, so the Red Cross is ready for a lengthy response.
Volunteers with special training in mass care and health services have already started deploying from the our chapter and region. As of right now, we have 28 people deploying and three Emergency Response vehicles including two from the Quad Cities West Central Illinois Chapter are leaving today and tomorrow.
There are several volunteers from the Quad Cities that have deployed and more that will be deploying in the coming days. Several who deployed this time last year, are again headed out.