Referendum for new fire station in Wapello does not pass

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WAPELLO, Iowa (KWQC) The Wapello Fire Rescue was asking the city for a new fire station.

Voters of Wapello had the chance to vote for or against a bond referendum for the construction of a new fire station. People voted on November 7, but the referendum did not pass.

Barton French has been a Wapello volunteer firefighter for nearly 40 years.

"And I have seen a lot of things happen and take place and I had hoped that this last election would allow us to build the fire station we need," said French.

Although he no longer answers fire calls, French said he is still involved and believes a new fire station is necessary because of the lack of space.

Jodi Boysen said she was not able to vote, but supports the initiative.

"I definitely feel we're in need of a new fire department. They've been in the same location since I've been here, over 40 years, so we'd like to see them you know be able to get something so hopefully they can get a new approach and come back to the community," she said.

French said the fire station may need to come up with a different plan.

"And the only thing I see that is part of the process now is that we modify our plans to better fit the people of the community's point of view," he said.

French said the volunteer firefighters will continue to use the buildings they're currently using. A new station would have had a price tag at about 1.7 million dollars.