Reports of Facebook predator targeting local women

QUAD CITIES (KWQC) - TV-6 received messages from local women saying they're being harassed on Facebook. The women say a man, who seems to be local, will message them a business proposal, but they say it's sexual in nature. Not knowing what to do, some of those women reached out to TV-6.

For the time being, TV-6 has decided not to identify the accused person because it's difficult to actually confirm they are the person behind the screen. TV-6 will continue investigating these claims.

We reached out to police who tell us there are several red flags to look out for.

Anytime someone adds you on social media, police say be careful before accepting. If you know the person, check with them personally before you accept the request. If you do not know the person, check out their profile. Lt. Darren Gault adds other signs to watch for, "you should immediately be concerned if they right away starting to ask for unusual requests, money, photos, anything like that, that just seems out of the norm."

If a person starts messaging you with strange requests, there are two options. First, you can block the user. Second, you can tell the person to stop. If they don't you can call police. Before contacting authorities though, you must make the other person aware that you do not consent to their messages.

If you do send a private picture or video of yourself, police say you should remember that image will be out there forever. They say while another person can be charged for sharing your private pictures, they cannot guarantee every picture will be destroyed.