Residents ready to say 'Goodbye' to the old Savanna-Sabula bridge

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SAVANNA, Illinois (KWQC) - The charges are set and the plans are ready to be executed. The Savanna and Sabula communities are getting ready to see the old bridge across the Mississippi come down tomorrow. The bridge has been a gateway to both communities since the 1930's until the new crossing opened up last November.

Now residents are soaking in the last few hours of their historic bridge, which many consider being a bittersweet moment. Including 78-year-old Gil Winter, who took the time to sit in his car and reflect on how much the bridge has meant to him.

"That's a landmark that old bridge and I hate to see it go," he said.

Iowa and Illinois DOT crews say over 300 charges are spread across the bridge, in 21 different sections. Savanna Mayor, Chris Lain, has been following the demolition process from start to finish. Since crews started the process last Saturday, the Mayor says the demolition should be quick and easy.

"They've done the whole thing and set the charges by weight so that it'll all start coming down and being able to pull it out right away," said Mayor Lain.

But he said it's difficult knowing this is officially the end of a historic era. "From the old bridge standing alone, to the new bridge being built to both of them side by side, now it's kind of the end to being one bridge again," Lain said.

For those interested in viewing tomorrow's demolition officials say spectators can go to Marquette Park in Savanna. That's located south of both the bridges along the riverfront.