Road safety preparation for snowy conditions

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ROCK ISLAND, ILL (KWQC) And the Q-C-A is getting ready for snowy conditions starting this week.

The Rock Island Public Works Department have been prepping for months for the winter season.

Today they have about a dozen salt trucks loaded and on standby for snow predicted later tonight. The public works director in Rock Island says the city has new equipment this year that will help clear of roads faster than in previous years.

"We replaced four of our older trucks with four new trucks. Larger vehicles that have wing plows so we can clear off snow a little bit quicker and in broader passages."

He also says they start the season with four thousand tons of salt, left over from previous years.

There are also some tips drivers should keep in mind as the weather begins to change. Stay safe on the road this season by giving yourself more time for a commute. Drivers should also give themselves more space on slippery road conditions.

The American Red Cross provides a list of items to have in your car in case of an emergency.

For the full list of this Emergency kit, click the link below: