Rock Island Arsenal suspending current yearlong passes, limiting access

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ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. (KWQC) - The Rock Island Arsenal will suspend all current yearlong passes and make other changes limiting access to the Arsenal beginning Wednesday, March 25, to limit the opportunity for the transmission of the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

The change will not impact personnel with a CAC Card, Military ID Card, AIE Visitor Pass (for official business), Retiree Military ID Card, or Family Member ID Card, officials say.

The Arsenal remains open for those conducting official business, including contractors and visitors coming onto RIA to work, and to attend official meetings with commands, organizations, and tenants. Contractors and official
business visitors who have a current one-year visitor's pass will be allowed entry so long as they are on official business.

Until further notice, no one-year passes will be issued. The Visitor Control Center will remain open
Monday through Friday but will close on Saturday and Sunday.

Thirty-day passes for new contractors and others conducting official business will be issued at the installation's access control points.

Also beginning Wednesday, the Arsenal will be closed to non-official visitors and recreational visitors. Exceptions include family members visiting gravesites at Rock Island National Cemetery, authorized persons with identification who are allowed use of the Commissary and Post Exchange, those making use of the Rock Island Arsenal Health Clinic and visitors to residential quarters.

The Commissary and Post Exchange will remain open and the first two hours are reserved for older customers.

The health clinic remains open. All visitors must use the main entrance.

For additional details about activity closures and other COVID-19 control efforts at RIA are available at the Arsenal's local impacts website.