Rock Island County brings family indexes online

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ROCK ISLAND COUNTY, Illinois (KWQC) - Rock Island County residents can now trace their family history as far back as 150 years.

With October being family history month, Rock Island County officials say a number of people are asking to trace their family tree.
So now instead of using index books, you can find your family history right at your fingertips.

Rock Island county started keeping records in these index books back in 1832 -

"I think it's interesting to see where you came from where you started at and look at where you are at today," said Rock Island County Deputy Clerk, Nick Camlin.

The clerk's office which is filled with index books with over 80,000 birth records and nearly 100,000 death and marriage records. Those can be seen on an iPad or computer.

"It's something that's a major hobby to a lot of people and we are happy to help expand the service, I think that knowing your own life is very important," said Camlin.

Rock Island County officials say anyone looking to search for their family history, it'll only cost them $5 dollars to obtain a full genealogy record.

Officials also added that new updates will be available on the website, next week anyone interested in downloading their family history will be able to filter names by name and date for a quicker experience.