Rock Island High School implementing new strategic plan

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) – A new school year at Rock Island High School is bringing with it a new strategic plan.

“We would like to see more students engaged in the learning and students take the helm of their learning,” said Principal Eric Moore.

“Research says that students retain, or any of us, adults and students, retain 90 percent of what is taught through discussion and interactive learning,” the principal said of wanting more student involvement in the classroom.

Over the next three years, the high school will focus on implementing the ‘4 As’ – access, accountability

The 2017-2020 plan was developed after an evaluation was conducted by a third party in last May.

“It’s always good to have an objective observer,” Moore said.

But implementing a new plan does not happen overnight. And before students can succeed in the classroom, they have to succeed outside of it.

“Our primary goal is to build respectful relationships with our students,” Moore said. “That's number one. That's our priority for the year.”

Moore says this means giving all students access to the same resources.

“We have teachers who are planning on creating resources for students and their families here at the school,” he said.

First up is establishing a clothing closet. Moore says, then, other opportunities will follow.

“When that's successful, it's not if, it's when that's successful we will add food accommodations and what have you,” he added.

Moore hopes this creates a level playing field leading all students to succeed.

“It’s about equity, you know, making sure that all students have access to everything that is relevant to their success.”

Over the next three years, Moore hopes to get the schools graduation rate up to 90 percent. Numbers for the 2016-2017 graduating class were not yet available.