Rock Island-Milan School District superintendent meets with parents for feedback

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Rock Island, Ill. (KWQC) - The Rock Island-Milan school district superintendent met with parents on Saturday morning to hear feedback about the schools.

Dr. Reginald Lawrence, Rock Island-Milan School District Superintendent, is collecting feedback about the district's strengths and areas of improvement. (KWQC)

Dr. Reginald Lawrence became the district’s superintendent this school year. He said he is holding a few of these meetings with the community, students, teachers and parents over the next month. This is a part of his Listen and Learn Tour for his first 100 days as superintendent.

“It gives me an opportunity to hear what those who’ve invested here feel about the school district,” said Lawrence.

During the meetings, Lawrence is collecting input about the strengths of the district as well as its areas of improvement.

Lawrence said one of the reasons he wanted to come to the district is because of its diversity. He said that is one thing parents mentioned as a strength.

“Some of the positives are happening around the diversity in our district,” said Lawrence. “It’s been around the great teachers that our students are witnessing everyday. It’s been about the community support and people still respect and have Rock Island High School and Rock Island schools highly rated.”

Parents at the meeting also gave Lawrence areas for the district to improve in.

“Some of our parents would like to see more parent-teacher conferences especially at the elementary level. If they have one per year, some wanted to see more of those opportunities,” said Lawrence. “Some also talked about class size and how the older students get classes seem to get larger. That was an area our families wanted to see continued to be looked at. Smaller class sizes would then mean more teachers.”

Lawrence said he will hold another get together, “Soup with the Supt.” at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 26 at the Rock Island High School Cafeteria.

If you can’t make it but would like to submit feedback about the school district, you can take the survey online.