Rock Island Police Department asks city for 151 public safety cameras

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Rock Island, Ill. (KWQC) - In an effort to combat recent violence, the Rock Island Police Department is asking the city for 151 new public safety cameras. Currently, the city has 32 cameras in Glenhurst Courts. Chief Jeff VenHuizen said additional cameras are needed.

"We feel that additional expansion in those areas that are facing significant problems like violent crime, shots fired that this will hopefully help reduce those incidents," VenHuizen said. "[We need to] let the people know that are involved in committing those actions that they will be prosecuted."

If approved, the cameras would be installed in five phases. The first phase would install 60 cameras in the Longview area where VenHuizen said the most shots fired calls come from. The second phase would put 30 cameras in Douglas Park, followed by 30 cameras in the Broadway area. The remaining 30 cameras would be installed throughout the city and near various schools.

"I hope that they provide some level of deterrence, I have been to a number of citizen meetings where we have residents are afraid to let their kids play outside."

While many are in favor of the cameras, others feel as though it's an invasion of privacy. A public input meeting will be held on November 1. If approved, installation would start early next year.