Rock Island church switches up its Sunday routine for a day of community service

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Rock Island, Ill. (KWQC) - St. John’s Lutheran Church members switched up their regular Sunday routine of worship for a day of community service in Rock Island.

St. John's Lutheran Church in Rock Island encouraged the community to take part in a day of giving back. (KWQC)

“God’s Work, Our Hands,” is a community service day churches around the country partake in each September.

Churchgoers said it is a day to practice as they are preached.

“Instead of listening to a sermon we’re actually out living the message that Christ preached which was go and serve in the world,” said Phillip Dennis, a member at the church.

One of the community service activities included picking up trash off the streets in Rock Island and Moline.

“We want the neighborhood to look nice,” said Phyllis Miller, a member at the church.

Church members also cooked a free meal of tacos, rice, and beans for any community members who were hungry.

They also made quilts to send off to those devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

“Over the years millions of quilts have got out from Lutheran congregations all over the world to help refugees, those fleeing violence and wherever the need is in the world,” said Dennis.

Church members said giving back to the community is something everyone can enjoy.

“It just makes you feel good,” said Miller. “I do this around our neighborhood in Moline. And you feel better when you’re walking somewhere and you see it looks nice again.”

Churches across the country take part in the day of community service on the second Sunday of every September.

St. John’s Lutheran Church in Rock Island said if the turnout was good it might take part in the church community service day each year.