Rock Island father co-creator of Changing Table Locator App

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - A Rock Island father is one of two people behind an app designed to help parents locate changing tables across the country. It's called the Changing Table Locator.

Like many ideas, Jacob Smithers says this one grew from frustration. He and his family were at a restaurant which didn't have a changing table

"We then went to management and said I'm not quite sure why don't have availability to do this when you have high chairs available, kids menus available but there isn't a place to change a child who would be in a high chair and possibly using a children's menu," says Smithers.

So he decided to create an app to make it easier for parents

"I did some research and found my partner (in Texas) who had already created the website themselves, I was a stay at home dad at the time so I used that time to build the website, and some friends to help build the website into an app itself," says Smithers.

The app and website are designed to help parents plan ahead, especially fathers. Smithers says there are less changing tables in men's restrooms than in women's.

The app is color coded to help identify locations that are "family friendly, not family friendly, women's restroom (changing tables), men's restroom (changing tables), nursing room and others that may have a changing table," says Smithers.

But it's also a tool for advocacy

"It's also that inadvertent pressure to tell places 'look you would have more patrons if you provided more resources'" says Smithers.

The app is currently in its beta version which can be accessed by reaching out to the Changing Table Locator facebook page.

Smithers says he's excited to roll out the final version soon