Rock Island County leaders promote early childhood education

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Rock Island COUNTY, Ill. (KWQC) — Fighting crime isn't just going after bad guys. It can also mean reaching out to children. That's why the Rock Island County sheriff and Rock Island police chief stopped by a preschool urging state leaders to help prioritize investments to preschool programs.

Rock Island County Sheriff's Gerry Bustos discussed his support for early childhood education and its proven ability to help curb criminal activity in the future. They were joined by Illinois Rep. Mike Halpin as they read to the children.

"Preschool is just incredibly important for getting all kids on an even enough footing that we can into kindergarten, and hopefully that's the kind of early learning that will continue throughout their school career," said Halpin.

"These kids, they're our future they're the future of our community. So every opportunity we can give them especially those that may come from families that aren't, that don't have much money, want to make sure that they still have the same opportunity as every other child does in being successful through life." added Sheriff Bustos.

Their visit is part of Fight Crime - Invest in Kids is a national membership organization that consists of police chiefs, sheriffs and prosecutors in the State of Illinois.