Davenport store sells bulletproof backpack inserts

Davenport Gun's bulletproof backpack inserts range from $150-200, it could be a high price for...
Davenport Gun's bulletproof backpack inserts range from $150-200, it could be a high price for some families. But for others, it's a price to pay for safety.(KWQC)
Published: Aug. 13, 2019 at 6:30 PM CDT
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A national trend is also in the Quad Cities: bulletproof backpacks.

Davenport Guns sells bulletproof inserts, ranging from $150 to $200. It could be a high price for some families. but for others, it's a price to pay for safety.

"Protect our babies and that's what matters," said Malesha Springsteen, Davenport mother of two.

Bulletproof backpack manufacturers reporting a spike in sales as much as 200% as kids head back to school.

"It seems like 20-30 years ago you didn't hear about stuff like this, so it's a problem. Definitely, a problem when I have a 7-year-old and [my other daughter] will be in school in 4-5 years so it's scary as a parent," said Springsteen.

The issue some have is the price. The cheapest insert at

Davenport Guns is $150.

"I think a lot of the students that we have in the area have a hard time with school supplies. And the teachers - let alone buying a 100-some dollar backpack," said Cindy Allbee, Davenport resident.

"I mean, I have 3 kids myself so buying 3 would ... that's $600 if they're $200. That's a car payment, mortgage payment, something like that" said Michelle Harvey, Davenport parent.

Others see it as a small price to pay to save your life: "it's, for the most part, an inexpensive way to save your life depending on what you think you're life's worth. If the odds are bulletholes, $200 is pretty cheap" said Jeanelle Westrom, owner of Davenport Guns.

Parents may want other alternatives to school safety before turning to bulletproof shields for their children, "I think metal detectors maybe and more security in schools which is sad too" said Allbee.

Before buying an insert or bulletproof backpack, you should check if your child's school can carry one into the classroom. Bettendorf, East Moline, United Township, Rock Island, and Silvis school districts have similar policies requiring their Junior High and High School students to put their backpacks and purses away during the school day.

The bullet-proof inserts are designed to protect against most handgun bullets and to "slow down" higher caliber shots, but it is not guaranteed.