Safety tips for drivers during harvest season

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DONAHUE, Iowa (KWQC) - "Everybody needs to be safe and cautious and need to take your time," said John Maxwell, Cinnamon Ridge Farms.

Officials are urging drivers to use caution when driving near tractors. (KWQC)

Harvest season is moving in and drivers need to stay alert for more tractors on the road.

"We have a lot of implements like this that are very big, very long and very slow," said Maxwell.

Local farmer John Maxwell reminds everyone to share the road.

"We're gonna be in the fields and the only way for us to get from one field to another is by using the roads," he said.

A friendly reminder to pump those breaks and allow them enough time to get to where they need to be at or pull over.

"We will get over as soon as we can, all farmers try to be very cautious and also aware and so we will look behind us and we will pull over as soon as we can."

He speaks from experience.

"Through the years, yeah we have had a couple of close calls, the hardest one when we are turning left and someone is trying to pass us because they don't realize we have signals."

But of course, it's not just the drivers on the roads that need to be cautious the farmers stay alert as well.

"We know we're big but that's what we need in order to harvest..."

Together with helping to keep those collisions low.

"I just want people to know, we are getting it done as fast as we can and as best as we can and trying to be safe every step of the way."