Salon professionals are learning how to identify the signs of abuse

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PRINCETON, Ill. On Monday, 27 hair stylists in Illinois are getting a bit more training but this time it has little to do with hair. They will be learning about the signs of domestic and sexual violence that may be shown within their clients.

In an effort to help the victims of domestic and sexual assault get the resources they need, Illinois now requires all licensed salon professionals to have at least one hour of this training under their belt. Salon professionals have women sitting in their chairs all day long and oftentimes, this is a place where women open, share and talk about what’s going on in their lives and in some cases, stylists build a rapport with their clients after years spent talking.

The hairstylist will learn about the red flags, warning signs and indicators that their clients could be a victim of violence but further, they will learn about the steps to take once identifying these individuals. They will learn what to say, what not to say and most importantly, how to get them the resources they need, safely.

Freedom House is one of many agencies that is offering the training and with a successful registration for their first-ever training on Monday and Tuesday the 20th, they’re already planning to organize more in the future. The law goes into effect September and when it comes to this initiative, Illinois is blazing the trail. They are the first state to implement this requirement and now, 14 other states are following suit.

The training cost about $27 and lasts about an hour.