Satellite locations aim to make Iowa caucus more accessible

Many of the candidates running for the Democratic nomination for president have been visiting...
Many of the candidates running for the Democratic nomination for president have been visiting Iowa since 2016 recruiting voters to attend the Iowa Caucus on February 3. (Source MGN)(WILX)
Published: Jan. 30, 2020 at 12:56 AM CST
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The Iowa caucuses are right around the corner, and this year the Democratic Party of Iowa introduced some changes.

New this year, the party has launched satellite caucus locations around the world, including three international, 25 out-of-state, and 69 in Iowa. Two of the locations are in Scott County.

"You think why do you need a satellite location in Scott County? You might have a Buena Vista person attending school at St. Ambrose and they're registered out in Western Iowa. They can actually still attend caucus that night when they physically wouldn't otherwise probably be able to get there," Elesha Gayman, Chairwoman for Scott County Democratic Party, said.

The Democratic Party also created satellite locations dedicated to Spanish speakers, locations done in American Sign Language, and handicap accessible sites.

"A lot of the changes you are seeing now are just feedback we had from town halls and feedback we got from the community to improve," Gayman said.

The party's goal is to increase caucus turnout by making it more accessible.

"It just gives folks another option to make caucuses accessible and we're really excited to see how it goes," Gayman said.

The satellite caucus locations are reported as an additional county in the state by the party. This makes the total number of Democratic Party reported counties 104.

The caucus is Monday, Feb. 3. Caucus-goers must be in line by 7:00 p.m. to participate. Organizers suggest you arrive early.

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