Save Our Streets event aims to stop violence in Davenport

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - The second annual Save Our Streets event was Saturday in Davenport. The local event is focused on creating a safe and positive environment for families and children.

The 2nd annual Save Our Streets event was Saturday in Davenport.

It included activities, games, entertainment, local small businesses and food vendors, and speeches from local people.

The organizers say it's all about combating violence and giving young people role models to look up to. They say it takes adults in the community to bring about change and they want to show the community that despite the negativity, there are positive things happening.

“Last year a lot was going on in the community that was negative. There was a lot of shootings and so forth. And my son, he had lost a really close friend to him and we just decided...we were talking about it at home. We were like we need to do something in the community. We need to put something together,” Camille Hodges, an organizer of the event, said.

They say the idea came from a similar group in New York. They wanted to get people out of the house and together as a community.

A lot of support for save our streets is from their church and through a non-profit group called Quad Cities Minority Expo. The organizers say they plan to keep the event going for as many years as they can.