Scholarship helps students enrolled in high-demand job programs

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) -- There’s a new record for the average amount of student loan debt and it's nearly $30,000 for members of the class of 2018. An Iowa community college is hoping to help students finish debt free.

The Last Dollar Program, began this summer. It’s part of Gov. Kim Reynolds Future Ready Iowa initiative. It covers tuition for students in programs leading to high-demand jobs in Iowa.

Alix Crawford is in her second year of the vet tech program. This is also her second time back in college. After she couldn't find a job in the field of Animal Ecology.

“Very limited positions and you have to have strong connections in order to get into those positions. So after a few years of trying after I graduated. I decided to go back to school,” she said.

Dailan Moore has been out of the Army for three years. After working for a different company.

He found his passion in taking things apart. Alix, Dailan, and Jalen all have different stories, but they all share one thing in common.

“When I graduate from here, I will officially not have any student loans,” said Crawford.

“Last dollar scholarship, it's given me a second chance,” said Jalen Arrington, second year Diesel student.

All three student received a scholarship through the Last Dollar Program. As the students figure out their way.

“I plan on mastering my craft that way I can open up doors for other people with like minds,” said Arrington.

They are all determined and it's all thanks to a scholarship.

“The placement rate, I want to say around 100 percent. For people after they get out of this program. That was a big part of me picking this,” said Moore.

“This time I get to come out and already have a job lined up. Which is a much better feeling,” said Crawford.

A much better feeling that comes debt free.

The Last Dollar Program is open to everyone regardless of income. To be eligible high school graduates must enroll in one of the 25 high-demand programs full-time. Non-traditional students can enroll full-or-part time.

Students can receive the scholarship for up to five full-time semesters or eight part-time semesters. Qualified students will need to reapply each year.