School policies for school closing and delays

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ELDRIDGE, Ia (KWQC)— Cold morning temperatures mean tough decisions for school officials looking to delay or close schools. Parents reached out to TV-6 with concerns of having their children go to school with the frigid weather conditions.

According to Superintendent Joe Stutting of North Scott School District, schools have closing and delay policies when there is bad weather.

“The parent always has the right to decide the safety of their children,” said Stutting.

Safety is the top priority as well said Stutting but he, like others, know that closing or delaying school is a judgment call based on many factors.

“When it comes to cold weather, its really simple for us and our community knows about it. This is how it is in the entire Quad Cities in Illinois and in Iowa; if we're under a wind chill advisory we have school as regular, if we're under a wind-chill warning we'll cancel school,” said Stutting.

Bill Petsche, principal of Central Dewitt Intermediate school said schools not only pay attention to the thermostat but hit the roads themselves and check conditions beforehand, making sure it is safe for buses to pick up the kids.

“You know safety is always first and so if there's ever to the point where we are worried about the safety of the buses traveling on the roads it's because of the roads aren’t contusive to being on there. If it's that cold or if they were to get stranded out there that would be a problem. The biggest thing that we have to watch out for is all the rural roads where there is gravel and especially if that gets icy that can sometimes be a little bit harder to clean off,” said Petsche.

Such policies about when to cancel or delay can be found on the school’s websites.

“When you look at temperature, I look at it like this if we a two hour delay, then we have a number of families who now have to take their kids out to daycare before they come to school and then turn around and take them out and in the cold to come to school,” said Stutting.

Once a decision is made, Stutting said the school makes sure parents are always well informed.

“When it comes to the cold weather, I did not have a single phone call yet this year on the cold weather because we're consistent,” said Stutting.

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