Security footage shows more car thieves checking car locks

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Another Davenport homeowner has caught possible car thieves on their security cameras outside their home. That community member, who didn't want to be named or be on camera, says concerns in the community are growing.

“Lock your vehicle, at all times - morning, noon, and night,” said the owner of the security cameras.

Early Friday morning, some Davenport residents woke up to see their cars had been broken into.

“I feel bad for those whose vehicles were broken into and ransacked through but maybe it's a lesson learned,” said the community member. “The neighborhood stays together, and lock your vehicle at all times.”

The person who caught the suspects on security footage checking the cars to see which ones were unlocked says you can see a truck slowly following them as they run up to homes.

“I hope my car was locked! I always, by habit, I always lock my car and my first reaction was thank goodness my car was locked,” the Davenport resident said. “But, that still does not deter teenagers from breaking a window so I'm just thankful more damage was not done than just trying to get into the vehicle and moving on to the next one.”

The person who caught the video of the car-nappers knows police are busy, but wishes something more could be done to slow down the thieves.

“Not just the neighborhood and community getting together and working together but it would definitely be nice to have more police force to be able to just ride through the neighborhood if they were available to do so,” that person added.

They said you never think it'll happen to you, until it does.

“It's most definitely an issue,” they said. “It's so common anymore and you hear about it and I've seen it on TV myself and then to be able to pull my own video and see a kid running to my car and luckily I had it locked but I was in shock and awe.”

The person who got the security footage didn't want to give a specific address but would say the footage is from homes near the Mississippi valley fairgrounds. They also said they contacted police but since nothing happened to their cars specifically, and no clear plate number was able to be seen, not much else can be done at this time.

If you have any security footage catching any of these thieves or if you have any information that could help stop the vehicle robberies you are asked to reach out to davenport police.