Senator Warren Visited Davenport After Announcing 2020 Presidential Bid

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - The first Iowa stop for a 2020 presidential candidate: Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren came to Davenport yesterday to speak to Quad Citians about her candidacy. She discussed minimum wage, the green new deal, and unions. Those who attended said they were curious to hear what she had to say.

One attendee from Iowa City, Christine Nobiss, said, "I'm working on specific issues for indigenous people, on behalf of my organization, seeding sovereignty, asking candidates what their views are on sovereignty and the environment and how indigenous people fit into all that."

Warren had a panel of five, including some members from Davenport. They all spoke for about an hour with time for two questions from the crowd.

Warren said, "the biggest problem facing America today is that we have a country & government that works great for those at the very top, it works great for those who already have money, works great for those who can hire lobbyists and lawyers- but it doesn't work for anybody else"

Her next stop will be this Saturday in South Carolina.